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Larkin Lane

Biarritz Party Purse

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This purse is made from hand-loomed and hand-dyed silk in Uzbekistan. The craftsmanship of silk ikat has been handed down from generation to generation along the Silk Road. It can take up to a month to weave a single yard of this fabric! Truly a one of a kind textile treasure!

Hand-loomed and hand-dyed silk ikat, metal handle
Made in Uzbekistan

Colors: Lime Green and White

• Beautifully Lined in a Coordinating Silk
• Includes detachable chain for hands free convenience (crossbody)
• Shape created with Full Padding

Stitching: Rushing
Closure: Metal Clasp

Dimensions: 11' x 9.5'
Handle Length: 3”
Length of Detachable Chain: 47”

Perspective of Size: fits your phone, keys, lipstick, sunglasses, and more
Pronunciation: EE-cot