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Cires de Bassompierre

Agrippina - scented candle

Agrippina - scented candle

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The “callous and menacing” Agrippina the Younger (AD 16–59), Augustus’s great-granddaughter, was a hand-picked empress. Hand-picked by herself, as it turned out. A brilliant and ruthless opportunist, she used her lineage and her son Nero to make herself the most powerful woman in Roman history. 

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This warm scent carries a musky sandalwood base and bergamot hints in the top note. Evocative of late summer afternoons with friends and plenty of Dry Martinis on the rocks.

Top notes: Geranium I Green Cassis I Bergamot

Middle notes: Rose I Muguet I Lily

Base notes: Musk I Sandalwood I Vanilla I Amber

290g I soy blend wax I 8% perfume

Burning time: approx 50 hours 

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