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Laura Garcia Collection

Celine Top Marker Floral

Celine Top Marker Floral

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The Celine Top Marker Floral is a cropped blouse featuring a Peter Pan collar and button-down placket. Meant to be worn with our high wasted pants or skirt. It will add an elegant touch to any outfit, perfect for any occasion.

Organic cotton Oxford fabric is a type of textile that is made from organic cotton fibers and woven in a specific basket weave pattern that creates a distinctive texture. This type of fabric is considered sustainable because it is made without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides that can harm the environment and the people who work with it. Instead, organic cotton is grown using natural methods that promote soil health and biodiversity, such as crop rotation and the use of natural fertilizers. In addition to being environmentally friendly, organic cotton Oxford fabric is also durable and long-lasting, making it a great choice for sustainable fashion. It is breathable and soft to the touch, making it comfortable to wear in a variety of settings.

Oxford Cotton
Cotton: 100%
Machine Wash Cold, Low Iron, Tumble Dry Low

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