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Carmen Clip on Earrings in Jade Sand

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Carmen Clip On Earrings are dimensional wonders, balancing delicate lace textures with sleek, shining beads. An oval-shaped crystal rivoli center offers endless facets for light refraction, while a symmetrical arrangement of Czech glass beads dangle elegantly below. A spray of soft white floral lace sits atop, like champagne foam bubbling over the bottle. Carmen Clip On Earrings are absolutely effervescent—perfect for the woman who always has something to celebrate.


Organic Cotton Lace
Crystal Rhinestone
Czech Glass Beads
Piñatex® - textile made from pineapple leaves
18K Gold Plated Brass Hardware


H: 3”/2.25”
W: 2”

Weight: 0.42/0.52 oz


Handmade in Detroit

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