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Cleo Earrings in Taupe

Cleo Earrings in Taupe

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Simple, sweet, fun. Though she is a single post, Cleo Earrings make fantastic use of space with a finely faceted crystal rivoli center that bounces light beautifully between its many angles. All surrounded by the subtle glow of frosted beads. Some will see nature and call Cleo a flower. Others will cherish Cleo’s vintage appeal, like an inherited brooch or teacup saucer. Easygoing style and a rainbow of color choices make Cleo Earrings an instant mood-booster and closet must-have.


Swarovski® Crystals, 
Czech Glass Beads,
Piñatex® - textile made from pineapple leaves
18K Gold Plated Brass Hardware



H: 0.75”
W: 0.75”

Weight: 0.145 oz

Handmade in Detroit

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