European Cheeseboard

European Cheeseboard

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A selection of our favorite cheese from Europe. 

Robiola La Tur – A small, mild, round robiola from the Langhe region in Northern Italy; this cheese is made of cow, sheep, and goat milk. It has a fresh, milky, slightly sour taste.  The firm but fluffy center gives way to a soft and creamy texture just below the thin rind.  A beautiful delicate little cheese that goes well with an almond and wildflower scented Arneis from the Piedmont, Italy. 7oz Wheel

Comté is a firm pressed cheese made from the raw milk of red and white Montbeliard cows in the Jura Mountains of France in Franche-Comté. The cheese is produced in small, cooperative dairies, known as "fruitières” which collect the milk from farms within 15 miles distance only. Comté is the most popular DOP cheese in France, and it is claimed that there are more than 83 distinct flavors in Comté, including apricot, chocolate, butter, cream, and grilled bread. 1/2 pound block

Tomme de Savoie: Although there are variations among the villages in the mountainous Haute-Savoie region of France along the Swiss border, Tomme de Savoie typically has a hard, gray rind with patches of yellow or red mold. Its sticky but firm paste possesses small holes and exudes a "barnyardy" sometimes musty aroma. Produced from raw cow's milk, its flavor is beefy, slightly salty and mildly nutty which, with its smooth texture, provides for a lasting finish. 1/2 pound block

Gouda (4 year old) is simply unrivaled for that perfect balance of salty and sweet. Deep caramel in color, crunchy, crystalline, and meltingly smooth on the tongue, this aged cow milk Gouda bursts with flavor. The hint of butterscotch at the finish is a signature of this Dutch treat. 1/2 pound block


  • The collection includes 1/2 pound. each of Comte, Tomme de Savoie and Gouda and a 7 oz Robiola La Tur Wheel
  • Approx. 2 pounds total.
  • Shipped fresh.