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Gaia Earrings in Plated Sun

Gaia Earrings in Plated Sun

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These oversized statement studs are inspired by the Greek Goddess Gaia, mother of the earth and all life upon it. Gaia Earrings symbolize and honor the earth in a modern, memorable way. Her round shape and solid color give eye-catching contrast to clothing patterns and textures, so she pairs well with everything and brings the essence of life to every outfit. Representative of our planet, Gaia Earrings show the world how much you truly care for it.

24K Gold Foil
Wood Base
Upcycled Vegan Leather Backing
Stainless Steel Post / Hypoallergenic

H: 1.5”
W: 1.5” 

0.4 oz

Handmade in Detroit

For every product you purchase, 1 tree will be planted.

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