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The Caviar Brunch Set

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Bring your friends and family together for the ultimate brunch indulgence!

The Caviar Brunch Set pairs NYC’s best bagels with Wild American Hackleback Caviar, Alaskan Ikura, Smoked Trout, CATSMO Smoked Salmon, French Blini and the finest small-batch NY State cream Cheese for a feast fit for royalty.

Just add Cucumber, Red Onion, Tomato, Chives, Lemon Wedge, Dill & Capers to complete the feast.

The Caviar Brunch Set Includes:

  • Wild American Hackleback, 125 grams

  • Wild Alaskan Ikura, 4 oz

  • Gold Label Smoked Salmon, Sliced, 16 oz

  • Smoked Rainbow Trout, 8oz

  • Black Seed Bagels, 12 count

  • French Blini, 16 count

  • NY State Cream Cheese, 1 pound

  • Mother of Pearl Spoon x 2