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Portage Foods

The Essentials Set

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All the essentials for the perfect cocktail hour.  A diverse and decadent assemblage that will spoil your favorite guests!

The Set Includes:

  • Wild Hackleback Caviar: 125 Gram Tin (American Sturgeon)

  • Gold Label Smoked Salmon: 8oz

  • Trufflebert: A Camembert-style cheese made from goat's milk with a bloomy rind and a layer of black, Italian summer truffles running through the center. Produced in NY State.

  • Truffle Honey: Acacia honey from Italy's Umbrian mountains enhanced with bits of black truffles

  • JACÜTERIE Soppressata: 5oz. Calabrian peppers, garlic and white wine

  • Ronny Brook Creme Fraiche: 4oz

  • French Cocktail Blini: 30 Count

  • Olive Oil Cracker Thins

  • Mother of Pearl Spoon