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Vitruvius - scented candle

Vitruvius - scented candle

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Born to the Republic during the 1st Century BC, Vitruvius' architectural trinity (firmitas, utilitas, and venustas, referring to "strength", "utility", and "beauty") became the inspiration for many buildings in the Roman empire. Perhaps even more impressive, his discussion of perfect proportion in architecture remained relevant 1600 years later when Leonardo da Vinci transferred these principles to the human body,  producing his Vitruvian Man.


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A smokey scent which will transport you to a stiff G&T by the fireplace after an autumn day in the outdoors. Wax coats and muddy shoes piled up in the bootroom.

Top note: Conifers

Middle notes: Cedar I Amber

Base notes: Balsam fir I Leather

290g I soy blend wax I 8% perfume

Burning time: approx 50 hours 

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