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Caviar Tasting Set

Caviar Tasting Set

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For the ultimate indulgence, enjoy a selection of three 50 gram tins of our favorite varieties of caviar optimally selected for size, firmness, color, and taste. Blinis, Creme Fraiche and mother of pearl spoon included.

The Caviar Tasting Set includes:

  • Royal Ossetra, 50 grams

  • Supreme White Sturgeon, 50 grams

  • American Sturgeon, 50 grams

  • French Blini, 2 x 30 count

  • Ronnybrook Dairy Creme Fraiche, 1 x 6 oz

  • Mother of Pearl Spoons, 3 count

 Shelf Life & Care: Caviar can stay fresh for up to 20 days. Once open, consume the entire amount at once. In a very rare scenario where you may have some delicious leftover caviar, place the tin in the coldest part of the fridge, and consume within 24 hours. Never freeze caviar.

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