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Fieno Long Sleeve Crop Crew

Fieno Long Sleeve Crop Crew

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Crop like it's hot, crop it like it's hot... Pair our crop tops with jeans, high waisted skirts or even your work-out bottoms. Available in different colors and stripes.

Our signature peachskin classics are instant wardrobe staples. They stand out for their softness, simplicity, and comfort. Not only are they stretchy and perfectly form-fitting, but they also have slight compression properties that feel and look like shape wear. With their carved waist they won't bunch, web, or ride up. The dense and compact peachskin fabrication allows the wearer to go bra-less or layer any color underneath without showing. This truly is the perfect fitted knit you'll want in every color.

Content: 8% silk, 56% cotton, 16% nylon, 20% spandex. Machine washable. 

Model is 5'7' and wearing size XS.

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