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Cires de Bassompierre

Vasari - scented candle

Vasari - scented candle

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Tragic Octavia (69–11 BC). Used by her brother Augustus as a dynastic tool, she was expected to produce heirs and live up to the exacting moralising standards of the regime. Octavia behaved as the respectful and compliant Stepford Wife she was supposed to be as well as proving a dynastic lynchpin. Cuckolded by her last husband, Mark Antony, in favour of Cleopatra, she spent much of her life grieving for her dead son Marcellus.

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Snuff boxes, perfume bottles and flowing silk dressing gowns.

A scent as lovely as its name sake, Octavia carries the femininity of an elegant powder room with a delicate flower arrangement on the side table.

Top note: Berries

Middle notes: Rose I Geramium

Base notes: Oak I Musk I Patchouli

290g I soy blend wax I 8% perfume

Burning time: approx 50 hours 

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